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Welcome to the Social Affairs Unit web site

The Social Affairs Unit addresses social, economic and cultural issues with an emphasis on the value of personal responsibility. We research, challenge and debate issues from welfare to warfare, always seeking to draw out the role of the individual's obligations.

We identify research with a potential to inform public policy and translate it from academic discourse into public debate. The ideas we promote come largely from historians, sociologists and philosophers but also medical doctors and hard scientists.

Analysis, commentary and reviews by the Social Affairs Unit's authors are found on our constantly updated web review or, sorted by topic, at SAU Articles. This website also enables visitors to purchase our books and reports. A selection of these, along with our digital-only reports, are available to read online.

The Social Affairs Unit is the publisher of Standpoint, the monthly cultural and political news-stand magazine launched in June 2008.

Recent SAU articles

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Sunday Courts: A Kenneth Clarke proposal that Chris Grayling would do well to shelve Jan Davies

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Recent publications

Private Views: Voices from the Frontline of British Culture
The Nation that Forgot God
In Search of the Moderate Muslim
War Since 1990
Don't Tread on Me: Anti-Americanism Abroad
What If? Counterfactualism and the Problem of History

Recent digital publications

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Butler's Dilemma: Lord Butler's Inquiry and the Re-Assessment of Intelligence on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
British Anti-Americanism
Mr Blair's Messiah Politics: A story of inspired government, 1997-2007